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Richter Art Gallery
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Caribbean Art On-Line
266 Horse Corner Road
Chichester, NH 03258
Phone: (603) 218-6389
Fax: (603) 415-8844

Featuring art by
Linda Richter
Jake Richter

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The purpose of is first and foremost to sell Caribbean-originated and Caribbean-themed art to clientele in North America, as well as select European countries.

At present, our approach to handling art from other artists is pretty simple - we provide order processing, credit card processing, and tracked shipment fulfillment from a warehouse in New Hampshire in the U.S.A. in exchange for a sales commission/consignment fee (plus we charge the purchaser our cost for shipping and a $2 handling fee). We provide monthly reporting on individual sales (by the middle of the month following the month in which the sales occurred), accompanied by payment (preferably via PayPal if you are not in the U.S. to receive a U.S. cheque). We would also notify you when inventory of particular items goes below a certain threshold so you can restock us.

The sales fee referred to above is 25% of the sales price, and this can be renegotiated after the first year if the volume of sales justifies it. The fee also covers warehousing fees we are charged. If the artist wants to offer a special on his/her works (e.g. buy 3 prints and get a 4th one free) we can work with the artist on that, and we may also suggest specials to the artist, which, if the artist approves them, would apply our sales fee on the net sale amount.

Should the artist decide after a half a year or more that he/she no longer wants us selling their works, we can terminate the arrangement after that time (we need some start up time to get your works known out there, hence the six month minimum term). We would need 30 days notice of any such termination from the artist.  We reserve the right to terminate under similar terms, except that if the artist is unresponsive in restocking sold works, we reserve the right to terminate the relationship sooner than six months.

We recommend that artists provide 5 units of each of their prints they want to sell via as an initial inventory.

If the above terms and conditions of the featured artist program are acceptable, we would need the following from the artist:

  • A biography and photo of the artist, and perhaps some commentary about the artist’s style and technique
  • All of the artists’s contact information (for our purposes - not for publication)
  • A description of each work the artist will be providing us with
    (see the listings at for an idea of what we're looking for)
  • A JPG thumbnail of each work - approximately 110x150 pixels for a portrait, approximately 150x110 for landscape  (height may vary based on your aspect ratio)
  • A larger JPG image of each work - approximately 250x350 for a portrait, approximately 350x250 pixels for a landscape (height may vary)

We would need to approve each submission, which may well include editing the artist’s descriptions to match our site style, and we reserve the right to reject works which we don't feel reflect's values and general theme/feel.

We would prefer to start at least with five different works from a new artist, as it takes us a bit of effort to add a new artist to our site, and need that many works to create a section just for an artist.

Once an artist becomes part of the family, we would also notify all of our current customers, as well as issue a press release to publications we have found effective in getting the word out.

Artists interested in contacting us should send email to:
If you send .jpg images for us to view, please be sure to reduce the file size before sending. Digital photographs can be quite large and clog up our email.

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The RichterArt on Bonaire is now open Tuesday-Friday 2-5pm. Drop in!
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by Stroke of Color, Inc.

What's new this month...!
Linda Richter has finished two paintings in the last month - Turtle Ballet and Take Flight. In the works is another in her series of conch paintings, along with a Rainbow Lorikeet and a particularly friendly French Grunt.

All work contained throughout this Web site is Copyrighted by the artist.
All images contained on this website may NOT be reproduced in any way without express permission from the artist.
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